In Memory Of Broken Hearts

Download (2009)

Released by Take The Pills

Haywains Track - Next Time It’s Gonna

Be Different

Featuring:  The Bats, Beloved, The
Brilliant Corners, Carousel, Chin Chin,
The Field Mice, Foxymorons, Gangwat,
The Haywains, The Hit Parade, How
Many Beans Make Five, Jens Lekman,
Motorcycle Boy, One Thousand Violins,
Popguns, Sea Urchins, Silver Screen,
The Softies, Summer Sun, Trembling
Blue Stars, The Waltones


Seventeen On The Inside

CD (2012)

Released by Two Carnations Records

Haywains Track - I Hate To Disappoint


Featuring:  Los Mundos, Leaving
Mornington Crescent, Blooming Flowers,
Buried Under Stars, Don't Bogart The Can
Man!, Saint John Of The Cross, The
Westfield Mining Disaster, Harry
Fainlight's Meltdown, Tugboat, Smilelove,
No Radio, The German Expressionists,
The Haywains, White Town


Popsongs About Popstars

Download / Stream - Soundcloud (2012)

Released by Idsavocados (Mexico)

Haywains Track - Dusty Springfield

Featuring:  The Legendary Bang, White
Town, Die Funf Freunde, The Apple Moths,
The Haywains, The Fat Tulips, Allen Clapp,
The Pooh Sticks, The Go-Betweens,

T.V. Personalities, Unrest, The Bodines,
Amelia, The Pastels, Laugh


Raving Pop Blast!

A Tribute To The Groove Farm

CD / Download (2012)

Released by A Work Of Heart Records

Haywains Track - In The Summertime

Featuring:  The Drain On The Balcony,

One Happy Island, Banana And Louie,

The Monorals, Jaffaboy, Tricia Yates
Fanclub, Peru, Death By Chocolate,
Liechtenstien, The Dukes Of Mumbai,    
The Westfield Mining Disaster, Armedalite
Rifles, The Sunny Street, Falling And
Laughing, Johnny Nashville And The
Groove Folk Ensemble, Luckwell, The
Wendy Darlings, The Fireworks, Our
Arthur, Horowitz, The Haywains


Corrupt Postman

Cassette (1988)

Released by Windmill Records

Haywains Track - Shine (early demo)

Featuring:  The Fat Tulips, The
Bollweevils, St.Christopher, Spin Out,
Mousefolk, Candy Darlings, Your Flat
Intitled, Nine Steps To Ugly, Strawberry
Story, Dave Hulston, The Colgates,
Paintbox, The Felicitys, The Apple
Moths, The Haywains, Emily, The
Sedgwicks, The Driscolls, Remember
Fun, Killing Time, The Applicants,
Steamtown, Thrilled Skinny, Emil,
Feverfew, The Wildhouse, The Eclairs,
The Field Mice

Are You Ready?

Cassette (1989)

Released by Windmill Records

Haywains Track - I Wouldn’t Want That

Featuring:  Big Red Bus, Dandelion

Adventure, The Driscolls, Andy Green,
GT Clean, The Haywains, Howl In The
Typewriter, Lowthers, The Lungs, The
Mayfields, The McTells, Mousefolk, The
Next Step, Pale Saints, Pilgrims,
Poisoned By Alcohol, Strawberry Story,
Wilderness Children

Now That’s Righteous

Cassette (1989)

Released by Katrina Music 001

Haywains Track - Fisherman’s Friend

(‘Extra Strong Original’ version)

Featuring: The Beat Hotel, The
Becketts,    The Driscolls, The
Haywains, Magic Roundabouts, The
Morrisons, Mousefolk, Pilgrims, Poke It
With A Stick, The Presidents, Reigning
Days, Rubber Base Angel, Jason
Smart, Wilderness Children


Kite… A Compilation

Cassette (1989)

Released by Kite / Cups & Saucers

Haywains Track - Surfin' in My Sleep (Live)

Featuring:  The Driscolls, The Popguns, Big
Red Bus, The Mayfields, Buy Off the Bar,
The Candy Darlings, The Colgates, The
Haywains, Mousefolk, Jane Pow, The Jerks,
Penny Candles, Great Scott, The Man From
Delmonte, The Moneygods, Nervous Curve,
St. Christopher, Crocodile Ride, Howl In the
Typewriter, The Williams, Rodney Allen,
Wow, Honeycrash, Millstones, Singing
Curtains, The Dirty Stop-outs, The Margery


Turquoise Days

Cassette (1990)

Haywains Track - Stand With You

(exclusive - early demo)

Featuring:  The Becketts, The
Benjamins, The Driscolls, Fat Tulips,
Girl Of My Best Friend, Andy Green,
The Haywains, Honeytrap, The
Losers, Mousefolk, The Penny
Candles, Popguns, The Price, Red
Letter Day, St.Christopher, The
Sohfas, The Tulips, Watch You Drown

You Can’t Be Loved Forever 2

Cassette (1990)

Haywains Track - Now I’ve Got One

Up On You

Featuring: Are You Mr. Riley, The Blood
Oranges, Burning Skies Of Elysium,  The
Candles, Diatribe, Expresso Bongo,  Fat
Tulips, Feverfew, Girl Of My Best Friend,
Greenhouse, The Haywains, Home And
Abroad, Honeytrap, Jesus Trip, Justice
League Of America, The Moving Jelly
Brothers, Nine Steps To Ugly, The Penny
Candles, The Rain, St.James Infirmary,
Shelley's Children, Sometimes Sartre,
Strawberry Story, Toad, Tom And Johnny,
The Vinegar Blossom

Hacia La Luz.jpg

Hacia La Luz

Cassette (1990)

Released by Elefant Records ER-5

Haywains Track - Shine (early demo)

Featuring: Applemoths, The Sedgwicks,
Remember Fun, The Bollweevils, Spin
Out, Mousefolk, Nine Steps To Ugly,                    
The Haywains, Emily, Feverfew, The
Field Mice, The Wildhouse, Emil, The
Mayfields, Andy Green, Pale Saints, St.
Christopher,   The Candy Darlings,
Dave Hulston, Paintbox, The Pilgrims,
Big Red Bus, The Driscolls, Killing Time,
The Applicants, Steamtown, Mousefolk,
Andy Green, Howl In The Typewriter


Our Floating Images Of Youth

Triple LP / Double CD (1999)

Released by Vinyl Japan ASKCD100

Haywains Track - Just The Job

Featuring: Alison Statton & Spike, Bartlebees,
Bluebells, Blue Train, BMX Bandits, Brightside,
Bugbear, Carousel, Casswells, Chesterfields,
Citrus, Confetti, Direct Hits, Dislocation Dance,
Duglas Stewart, Fat Tulips, Gregory Webster,
Grape, Hal, Hangman's Beautiful Daughter,
Girls At Our Best, Haywains, Hit Parade,

Jim Jiminee, Johnny Dee, Looking Glass,

Man From Delmonte, McTells, Mighty Mighty,
Mixers, Monochrome Set, Northern Picture
Library, One Thousand Violins, Pimlico,

Pop Parker, Saturn V, Slumber, Strawberry
Story, St. Christopher, Stuart Moxham,
Television Personalities, Weekend, Oscar,

The Sweetest Ache

No Parachute

DVD (2005)

Released by Happy Birthday To Me

Haywains Video - Bye Bye Boyfriend

Featuring: Snoozer, Entre Rios, Of
Montreal, Boyracer, The Maybellines,
The Haywains, Hidden Cameras,
Coleman & Powell, Trembling Blue Stars,
Architecture In Helsinki, The Clientele,
Nixon, VHS & The Babies, Bright Lights,
Kimya Dawson, New Estate, Cannans,
Wee Turtles, Pia Fraus, Diagram, Le
Mans, Huon, Lil' Hospital, Palomar, My
Favourite, Overlord



VHS (1994)

Released by Season Two (Australia)

Haywains Video - Bye Bye Boyfriend

Featuring: The Cat's Miaow, The
Haywains, The Magnetic Fields, Tender
Engine, Edsel Auctioneer, Meek, Girl Of
The World, Pavement, Ripe, The
Sugargliders, Stinky Fire Engine, Throw
That Beat, Heavenly, Earthmen, Black
Tambourine, Afterglow, Boyracer, Even
As We Speak, The Ampersands, Des
Garcons Ordinaires


The Windmill Flexi - Four
Bands, Four Songs

7” Flexidisc (1991)

Released by Windmill Records    

Haywains Track - Forget Me Not

Featuring: The Fat Tulips, The
Applicants, The Haywains,


The Waaaaah! CD

CD (1992)

Released by Bring On Bull BULL 3-0 (UK)

Haywains Tracks - Kill Karaoke and

Dusty Springfield

Featuring: The Bedflowers, Confetti,

The Cudgels, Dalek Beach Party, The
Dufflecoats, The Duglasettes, Fat Tulips,
The Field Mice,  The Haywains, Home
And Abroad, Kind, Music Seen, The Red
Alarm Clocks, Strawberry Story, They Go
Boom, White Town


What Do You Want A Japanese

To Do Again?

CD (1993)

Released by Vinyl Japan ASKCD36

Haywains Track - Emily’s Shop

Featuring:  Northern Picture Library,
Citrus, The Chesterfields, Johnny Dee,
The Headcoats, The Headcoatees, The
Slingbacks, Grape, Strawberry Story,
Saturn V, Slumber, St. Christopher, The
Haywains, Fat Tulips, Bugbear, Tokyo
Skunx, Floozy Drippy's, Yardman, The
Delmonas, The McTells, The Sweetest
Ache, Sunshine Super Scum, Tip Top
Planets, Alison Statton & Spike


The Sound Of Music

LP / CD (1993)

Anti-racist benefit album.

Released by Bring On Bull 233CD

Haywains Track - I Have Confidence


Featuring:  Dalek Beach Party,
Northern Picture Library, Mary Queen
Of Scots,

The Rileys, Bouquet, Deltones, BMX
Bandits, Blueboy, Strawberry Story,
The Haywains, Mrs. Kipling, Mr. Terry
Edwards, Cesspit Rebels


Madrid Popfest 2013

Download / Stream - Bandcamp 

Released by Madrid Popfest

Haywains Track - Fisherman's Friend

Featuring:  Zipper, Alpaca Sports,
Betacam, Burning Hearts,
Computadora, Los Bonsais, Los Lagos
De Hinault, Los Sobrenaturales,
Northern Portrait, Papa Topo, Prisma
En Llamas, Teacher Teacher, Terrier,

The Haywains, This Many Boyfriends,

Tiger And Milk


NYC Popfest Mix 2014

Stream - Bandcamp (2014)

Released by NYC Popfest

Haywains Track - Pull The Other One

Featuring:  Band A Part, Lost Tapes,

The Flatmates, The Popguns, The
Besties, Franny & Zooey, My Favourite,
The New Lines, Tape Waves, The Arctic
Flow, Dressy Bessy, Marine Life, The
Spook School, Gold-Bears, Gingerlys,
Martha, Spearmint, Stars In Coma, The
Zebras, The Garlands, Don't Cry
Shopgirl, Heathers, Colour Me
Wednesday, The Shapiros, Bart &
Friends, Rocketship


Ten Little Records: Woosh

CD / Cassette / Download (2014)

Released by Jigsaw Records (Jigsaw #69)

Haywains Tracks - Bythesea Road and

Tobe's Gone West

Featuring:  Holidaymakers, The Nivens,

The Driscolls, Strawberry Story, The
Haywains, Esmerelda's Kite, The Pooh
Sticks, St. James Infirmary, The
Sunflowers, Eye Pilgrims, Choo Choo


Heaven Sent

Cassette (1990)

Released by Heaven Sent Records HS002

Haywains Track - Please Don’t Let Me

Get Hurt

Featuring: Wild Plains, Jesterbells,

The Penny Candles, Sonic Flower Groove,
The Sohfas, Mousefolk, The Haywains,

She Bangs The Drum, Remember Fun,
Wallflowers, Painting By Numbers,

The Popguns, The Nivens, Thirty Fields,
Red Letter Day, 7 Roberts, Elephant

Bangs Train

What Do You Want A Japanese

To Do?

CD (1992)

Released by Vinyl Japan ASKCD15

Haywains Track - Rosanna

Featuring:  The Revs, Elmerhassel, Saturn V,
The Monochrome Set, Tokyo Skunx, Fat
Tulips, Grape, Strawberry Story, The
Bluebells, St. Christopher, BMX Bandits,
Milkshakes, Thee Headcoatees, Amelia
Fletcher, The Hit Parade, Carousel,
Speedway Stars, McCluskey Bros., Looking
Glass, The Haywains, SKAW, Beatnik


Film Fun "There's No  
Stopping Her!"

Cassette (1991)

Issued with fanzine: El Vicio Secreto
De Sister Mary No. 1 (Spain)

Haywains Track - Fisherman's Friend

Featuring: Fat Tulips, Greenhouse,
Cudgels, The Salt Cellar, The Replicas,
The Bachelor Pad, All Over The Place,  
The Haywains, La Buena Vida, Privata
Idaho, The Gravy Train, The Church
Grims, Change Of seasons, Spin Out

cover intolerable universe.jpg

The Intolerable Universe

3" CDR (2015)

Released by Cloudberry Records

Issued with Cloudberry fanzine

Haywains Track - Emily's Shop
(1988 Demo)

Featuring: The Royal Landscaping
Society, Wallflower, Country Club,
Don't Cry Shopgirl, The Haywains,
Cristina Quesada & Alpaca Sports


Indietracks Compilation 2015

Download - Bandcamp (2015)

Released by Indietracks Festival

Haywains Track - Why Do I Get The
Feeling Your Mother Hates Me?

Featuring:  The Free Fall Band,
Cinerama, Desperate Journalist, Fever
Dream, The Darling Buds, The Leaf
Library, Rémi Parson, Cristina Quesada,
Laura K, Ralegh Long, Michaelmas, The
Go! Team, The Luxembourg Signal,
Violet Woods, Fire Island Pines, Los
Bonsáis, Martha, The Tuts, The School,
Tuff Love, The Hi-Life Companion, Pete
Astor, Lætitia Sadier, Euros Childs,
Mammoth Penguins, Chorusgirl, The
Haywains, Firestations, Rodney
Cromwell, The Wave Pictures, Evans
The Death, Colour Me Wednesday, The
Fireworks, Emma Kupa, Oh Peas!, The
Catenary Wires, Steven James Adams,
Tigercats, Baker Island, Junk, Eureka
California, Jen Schande, Lost Pets, Alex
And The Christopher Hale Band,
Francesca's Word Salad, The Ethical
Debating Society, Flemmings, Frida &
Ale, Bunnygrunt



Triple CD Box Set (2017)

Released by Cherry Red CRCDBOX36

Haywains Track - Bythesea Road

Featuring:  The Pooh Sticks, The Stone
Roses, The Popguns, The Man From
Delmonte, The Charlottes, The
Snapdragons, Carter USM, Moss Poles,
Bridewell Taxis, The Orchids, The Groovy
Little Numbers, The Driscolls, Choo Choo
Train, The Poppyheads, Bradford,
Thrilled Skinny, The Prayers, Another
Sunny Day, The Train Set, Pacific, Blow-
Up, The Mock Turtles, King Of The
Slums, Pale Saints, Apple Boutique, The
House Of Love, The Vaselines, Bob, Cud,
The Sea Urchins, The Darling Buds,
Kitchens Of Distinction, The Heart
Throbs, The Bachelor Pad, Hangman’s
Beautiful Daughters, Murrumbidgee
Whalers, The Shamen, The Flatmates,
The Waltones, The Wilderness Children,
The Nivens, Baby Lemonade, The
Clouds, Rote Kapelle, Emily, Bubblegum
Splash, Metro Trinity, Inspiral Carpets,
The Revolving Paint Dream, The
Fizzbombs, The Church Grims, The
Wake, The Siddeleys, Whirl, Annie & The
Aeroplanes, Fat Tulips, Holidaymakers,
Would-Be-Goods, The Caretaker Race,
The Great Leap Forward, East Village,
The Haywains, The Wishing Stones, The
Corn Dollies, Bluetrain, Reserve,
Remember Fun, Yeah Jazz, The Raw
Herbs, Bad Dream Fancy Dress, The
Claim, Rodney Allen


Triple CD Box Set (2018)

Released by Cherry Red CRCDBOX59

Haywains Track - Fisherman’s Friend

Featuring:  The La’s, The Family Cat,
Milltown Brothers, The Telescopes,
Brighter, New Fast Automatic Daffodils,
Red Chair Fadeaway, Korova Milk Bar, The
Sun And The Moon, Bobby Scarlet, The
Ogdens, The Seers, the Candy Darlings,
The Rainkings, Po!, The Bardots, The
Onsets, The Ammonites, Rorschach, How
Many Neans Make Five, Hey Paulette,
Jane Pow, Kit, Carter USM, The Stone
Roses, The Popguns, The Mock Turtles,
The Orchids, The Man From Delmonte, The
Revolving Paint Dream, The Pooh Sticks,
Bridewell Taxis, Another Sunny Day, The
Driscolls, The Charlottes, Treebound Story,
The Prayers, The Snapdragons, Barbel,
Choo Choo Train, Holidaymakers, Fallover
24, Thrilled Skinny, Brian, The Wilderness
Children, The Moss Poles, King Of The
Slums, The Claim, A Riot Of Colour,
Daisycutters, Peruvian Hipsters, The
Cherry Orchard, Ambitious Beggars, The
Davincis, AVO-8, The Becketts,
Sunflowers, The Magnificent Lkage,
Strawberry Story, Newsflash, The
Mayfields, The Ruth Ellis Swing Band,
Christine’s Cat, Said Liquidator, Jane From
Occupied Europe, Big Red Bus, Men Of
Westenesse, The Church Grims, Jactars,
Me And Dean Martin, The Rain


Compilations - an essential way to discover new bands, often self-released by music fans. From mail-order cassettes of
the 80’s and 90’s, to file downloads of today, here are some compilations The Haywains are proud to have appeared on.